Silk Screen

Island Print Center, silkmachine offers silk screening. Screen printing, sometimes called, silk screening, begins with a custom prepared stencil. Yes, a stencil customized just for your silkscreen project! The stencil is housed inside a frame that is usually made of wood or metal. The part of the design that is to be printed, is transferred to a screen that is made up of silk, nylon or a stainless-steel mesh.

This process is similar to the way a picture is developed. Once the screen has been “burned” with the design, it allows the ink to pass through the area specific to the design, but not through the other part of the stencil. Whatever color or colors of ink you have chosen, are forced through the screen area with a rubber squeegee, which then makes the impression on the garment. Finally, using heat, the image is permanently set into the garment. Your custom-made piece is now ready for you to show off to the world!

Our staff here at Island Print Center, focuses 100% of our attention and effort on your order, helping to make sure everything comes out to your satisfaction. We have a wide range of Long Island businesses with whom we work, so we know that we must be doing something right! And you do not have to be located here on Long Island to become a client! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call, or come into our store with your desired work.We thank you ahead of time for your business.